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Which files are listed

   These options determine which files `ls' lists information for.  By
default, any files and the contents of any directories on the command
line are shown.

     List all files in directories, including files that start with `.'.

     List all files in directories except for `.' and `..'.

     Do not list files that end with `~', unless they are given on the
     command line.

     List just the names of directories, as with other types of files,
     rather than listing their contents.

     Do not list files whose names match the shell pattern (not regular
     expression) PATTERN unless they are given on the command line.  As
     in the shell, an initial `.' in a file name does not match a
     wildcard at the start of PATTERN.

     In a long listing, show file information (e.g., times and
     permissions) for the referents of symbolic links rather than for
     the symbolic links themselves.

     List the contents of all directories recursively.